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Rosewood, African Black Wooden Flutes,Music Flute
Every bit as popular as other traditional Celtic instruments, the flute has always been a favored instrument by the Irish for centuries. Often played at festivals or celebrations,

  • Galeon Delrin Pratten Iri...

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    Galeon Delrin Pratten Irish Flute

    Awesome Pratten flute from Galeón.  Powerful through the range with fantastic intonation.  Precisely cut rounded rectangle embouchure suits both beginning & advanced players.  Expressive from mild to wild.  Large finger holes are suitable for those with medium to large-sized hands.  Available with or without tuning slide.

    “I recently ordered the 4-piece Galeon flute based on your recommendation. It’s fantastic!

    Before placing my order with you, I had to return a flute to a different retailer because of a manufacturing flaw, and there is no comparison. The Galeon flute, while only slightly more expensive, is clearly of a much higher quality. I am a complete beginner, but I have already been able to make very satisfying progress, and I can tell that this instrument will keep on giving as my skills improve.

    $300.00 $250.00
  • New Irish Professional Ro...

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    New Irish Professional Rosewood D Flute 4 Piece Natural Finish with  Case


    • Made of quality rosewood.
    • Fully Playable.
    • Adjustable in 4 parts.
    • Great Natural Finish.
    • Comes with Carrying Box

    $150.00 $100.00