Black Ladies Officer’s Jacket WOOL Jackets Ralph Lauren Braid Jacket

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Black Ladies Officer’s Jacket WOOL Jackets Ralph Lauren Braid Jacket


It is a long sleeve jacket and the cuffs are rounded simple with a simple Golden lining. The Jacket is custom made and all types of customization in the jackets are welcomed.

High-quality Military Napoleon Gold Flower Embroidery Jacket Featuring standing Mandarin collar, flattering slim cut, great details Golden Button and a Zip for Fastening Custom and Best Fit
Now let’s talk about the design of this amazingly designed Kiltish Braid Jacket which makes it stylish and stand among all other jackets.

Front :
The front of the jacket is designed with Gold Buttons and Braid/embroidery on Arms which looks stunning with black/Blue or Brown jacket. This jacket features a button and Zip fastening till your belly button and below that it’s left without a button that looks like a cut. The golden buttons are used on the jacket to match the embroidery used.
This jacket comes up with long sleeves and each sleeve has a rounded Black Velvet lining. Talking about its collars, the collar is a traditional military-style small collar with a golden lining.
Traditional Scottish Jackets in wool cotton and Original Leather jackets available for men women and children at very cheap prices.
We are a traditional Scottish Gothic jackets manufacturer and all accessories that maintain the Gothic history still in the manufacturing process are Available
We need below 5 size’s Please Mention these sizes with your order or you can inbox it.

1- Chest:

Lift your arms and wrap the tape measure around your chest at the widest point. Put your arms down. Stand tall and “at ease.” Do not over-inflate your chest. Just stand and breathe normally. Measure loosely around the chest at underarm height while wearing a t-shirt.

2- Waist:

Measure loosely around your “True Waist” at your naval while dressed in a shirt.

3- Shoulder to shoulder:

Put on a well-fitting suit jacket. Keep your arms at your side. Measure from shoulder joint till the end where other shoulder body ends.

4- Sleeve Length:

Put on a well-fitting suit jacket. Keep your arms at your side. Measure from the shoulder seam (the top of the sleeve where it meets the jacket body) to the cuff. If you do not have a suit jacket, measure from the edge of the shoulder, down your arm to where you’d like the sleeve to end. Typically, jacket sleeves end 1.5″ to 2″ above the base knuckle of the thumb, breaking at the wrist or slightly lower. Roughly 1/4″ to 1/2″ of shirt sleeve should show below the cuff of the jacket.

5- Back length:

Stand straight and ask your partner to measure your body from the backside, it will be from the end of your collar till your waist point or where you want to wear.

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