• Rosewood Bagpipe

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  • Rosewood Granite Grey Bag...

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  • Rosewood Highland Bagpipe

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  • Rosewood Irish National T...

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  • Rosewood Lyre Harp 10 Str...

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    Rosewood Lyre Harp 10 Strings

    Rosewood Lyre Harp is perfect to fill your traditional music craving. It can fill your life with traditional Scottish music. Lyre Harp is a perfect instrument to remember and travel to the beautiful Scottish past.

    It is made up of finest quality rosewood hardwood timber which gives the most detailed grain. The harp is decorated with traditional scroll and knot motifs. It comes up with 10 strong metal strings which are perfect to produce soothing sound. This Lyre Harp also comes up with tuning pins forged made up of solid brass. It comes up with a polished silver chromed finish that has been applied to the pins to finish off the look. With the package, you are going to get a padded carrying case and a tuning key for free.

    Product Features

    • Rosewood Lyre Harp made up of Premium timber.
    • Traditional scroll and knot motifs.
    • 10 Strings.
    • Tuning pins forged made up of solid brass.
    • Polished silver chromed finish.
    • Padded carrying case and a tuning key for free.
  • Tall Celtic Irish Knee Ha...

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    Tall Celtic Irish Knee Harp 17 Strings Solid Wood Free Bag Strings Key 27 Inch

    size is 27″ Tall 20″ wide

    17 Strings, Solid Wood with hand Engraved Styles, Hand Made and Polished.
    included with Harp is an Extra Set of Strings 29.00 dollars Value free with Harp
    Free Deluxe Carrying Case That’s Lined and Padded, Bag is worth 35 dollars
    unlike other brands, this Harp Has Bag that is Padded and has a zipper
    Tuning Key is included.
    it is a small Harp Great for Children to start. Not chines made Pressed wood. it is real solid wood.
    Hand Polished

  • The Essential Flute by El...

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    The Essential Flute by Ellis Flutes

    Note: The “Large Hole D Prototype” is recommended only to players with larger hands or who play piper’s grip. The expanded hole spacing yields incredibly strong E and A notes but would be a challenge to play for those with medium to small hands.

    The Essential Flute is ideal for both Celtic music and World music of all kinds. Diatonic major tuning. Featuring a tapered head bore for improved intonation and projection. Ergonomic embouchure hole placement for right-handed player.

    The released a new version of Essential Flute. This new version has been improved yet again by the addition of a choke point in the flute bore. This bore manipulation has created a delightful feel of compression in the flute, very much akin to the conical bore flutes favored by many players, giving the familiar back-pressure and punch. An added bonus is that it allows for the widening of the lowest finger hole (always the weakest note on any open hole flute), bringing greater strength of tone to match the rest of the scale.

    “What an instrument! It is everything I could hope for in a ‘3/4 flute’ (speaking of the F flute), bright with loads of potential for the kind of old-school Irish trad I have been working on

    Bb / Roasted Curly Maple
    Bb / Cherry
    Bb / Curly maple
    C / Curly Maple
    D / Black Walnuy
    D / Bocote
    D / Holly
    D / Roasted Curly Maple